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Jennifer Glogolich | Client Service Manager

Jennifer Glogolich

Jennifer grew up wanting to follow along the footsteps of the business of her family—all dedicated to service as police officers, Marine Corps vets, even fire fighters. She toyed with joining the Coast Guard, but the barnacles were an obstacle—and her father put a “no” on the idea of becoming a police officer. And so Jennifer followed a different track and now is an integral part of our team that is so focused on families!

Jennifer’s natural curiosity makes her a great fit—she loves coming to work each and every day to get to know something new about her co-workers and her clients (maybe a bit of a hold-over from those dreams of detecting!) She has no big retirement dreams simply because she has NO inclination to retire—she’s too happy doing what she is doing. She will admit to keeping an eye on houses down in the Outer Banks as an eventual “next step”.

Conversation starters for your next chat with Jennifer:

1. She’s a grandmother of five and that number is growing so you’re going to want to ask her to show the latest pics!

2. Jennifer will slip away from those grandbabies from time to time to hit the slots in Atlantic City…ask her for her tips on coming away a winner!

3. Feel free to offer a “thanks”, as Jennifer’s family is still dedicated to service. Her husband and son are volunteer firemen, her youngest son is a border protection agent.

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